Cyprus Visa Required Documents 2021

Alongside the first identification, likewise submit copies of the multitude of utilized pages on your visa, including every past visa, individual data and issuance/expiry date.You can discover the Cyprus Visa Application Form on the sites of the Cyprus Consulates and Embassies. You should finish it and sign it before accommodation. On the off chance that you are applying via mail, at that point a Notary Public should ensure your mark.

For minors: Both guardians or legitimate watchmen need to sign the Application Form all things being equal. This is the way an application structure resembles.

Cyprus visa photograph prerequisites

Alongside your Cyprus visa application, you should submit two identification measured pictures with the accompanying prerequisites:

Measurements: 40mm x 50mm.

Your face should take up 70% – 80% of the image.

Taken before a white foundation with no examples.

The image should be high caliber, with great lighting. That implies no finished or under-openness, no shadows, no red-eye or glare.

The image should be later: No more established than a half year.

You should have a nonpartisan outward appearance, mouth shut and looking directly ahead.

You are not permitted to wear any headgear, except if it is for strict purposes. All things considered, it can’t hinder your face in any way.

Glasses are by and large not permitted. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to wear them you should ensure they don’t deter your eyes and face, and that there is no glare. Shades or some other colored glasses carefully not permitted.

One of the photos should be legally approved by a Notary Public on the back.

In the event that you are presenting an image for a child or baby who can’t uphold themselves, snap a photo of them resting, from above. Your hands supporting them can’t be in the image.

Verification of lawful home

In the event that you are not a resident of the country from which you are applying, you should incorporate confirmation of legitimate home, for example, a copy of your home grant/visa and so on They should be legitimate for at any rate an additional three months from the time you expect to leave Cyprus.

Flight tickets/agenda

You should submit confirmation of booked flight tickets – you don’t need to pay for the tickets heretofore. You can stand by to pay until after your visa is endorsed.

The tickets should be full circle and show fixed dates of passage and takeoff from Cyprus.

Confirmation of adequate assets

You should demonstrate you have adequate assets to cover the whole length of your visit. Contingent upon the nation you’re applying from, you may submit:

Bank proclamations from the previous three months which are stepped by the bank.

Secured checks

Saving books

You can’t show confirmation of monetary dissolvability by introducing money.

Confirmation of convenience in Cyprus

You should show that you have convenience in Cyprus, for example, a lodging reservation, letter from a host, or different types of traveler convenience.

Work status records

Contingent upon the status of your work, you need to submit one of the accompanying:

On the off chance that you are utilized: No Objection Letter from your manager, expressing your position, pay, and the dates you will be missing from work. The letter must be later and routed to the government office or office.

In the event that you are independently employed: A letter from your bookkeeper, specialist, or bank chief or a letter from the organization and a duplicate of the exchange permit.

In the event that you are an understudy: A letter from your school/college, affirming your enlistment and the term of your course/s.

Travel medical coverage

You should buy travel health care coverage prior to venturing out to Cyprus, which covers in any event €30,000 of health related crises and bringing home for the whole span of your visit.

In the event that you have a current health care coverage plan in your country which covers health related crises abroad, at that point you should submit evidence of that.

Introductory letter

A few international safe havens or offices may demand an introductory letter, composed by the candidate, presenting themselves and clarifying the motivation behind why they need to travel.


All the records that you submit must be in English. On the off chance that they are not, you should have them interpreted by an authority interpreter.

This is definitely not a comprehensive rundown of Cyprus visa necessities as they change country-to-country. The Cyprus international safe haven or office likewise has the option to request extra archives in the event that they see fit.

What Should I Do After I Collect the Required Documents?

After you gather the necessary records, you can apply for a Cyprus visa at the workplaces of a Cypriot political mission abroad (department or government office). Some discretionary missions, nonetheless, have additionally re-appropriated visa entries to visa application offices. In this way, before you apply, you should contact the department or international safe haven.

You should apply face to face except if the department or consulate liable for your area is farther than 200 km (300 miles) away. For this situation, you may apply by means of mail.

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